I want to, with you.

I want to talk for hours with you.

I want to hear your voice.

I want to be near and dear to you.

I want you to protect me from the voices in my mind.

Like I know you would protect me from other’s lies. 

They say, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

But they also say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

In my case it’s the latter.

Boy do I hate absence for doing its job.


I want to dance in the rain with you.

I want to share the things I like.

I want to know what makes you happy.

I want to memorize your eyes.

Each color, spot, and streak.

They say that love is a river.

They also say that love is blind.

I can feel myself getting swept away and lost.

And if love is blind then just maybe I don’t want to see.


I want to sit in coffee shops and laugh with you.

I want to build pillow forts and take turns reading aloud.

I want to travel the world with you.

I want to go on runs with you.

And you should know I hate to run.

They say that love’s a game.

But they also say love is war. 

I’d play that game my whole life long and then a little more.

And if it means I’ll win the war, I’ll gladly fight each battle.


Because I want to share each day with you.

I want to help dry your tears.

I want to care for and comfort you.

I want to make you smile.

It’s hard for me to smile while I’m waiting, and working, and wanting.

They say that love is patient.

And they also say love is kind.

It’d be kind to me if it hurried up before I lose my mind.

But I’ll wait some more and then a bit to receive a love that’s sure.


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