I want to write movies


I am scared for my future. 

I have nothing planned out. 

I have a dream that I want to persue

and everyone tells me I should persue 

but I don't know how 

and I'm scared to blow full force into it. 

I don't know all the details 


I want to be a screenwriter. 

I want to write movies. 

So far, I have written a short film. 

I showed it to my school's drama teacher 

and she loved it. 

Or at least she acted like she did. 

She offered to produce it within the school

which has never been done at my school. 

But I don't know. 

I'm scared I'm going to want to keep doing it for the rest of my life. 

Money is the problem. 

Money is everything. 

I don't want to pay all of this money to persue my dream 

and then not be good enough to survive. 

I'd rather take up a more stable job. 

But in that stable job, 

I won't be happy. 

Apparently, a lot of lawyers have been commiting suicde 

because they're job is depressing 

and they can't take it. 

My parents want me to be a lawyer 

and I don't think I could take it. 

I have been writing all my life. 

I get inspired every day 

I feel like I am made to be a screenwriter 

But then again, 

I am scared to fail 

and end up like a lawyer.


But at least I would be happy.

At least I would have a job that I am happy doing.

At least I would feel accomplished.

I want to be a screenwriter

I want to write movies.  


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