I want tell


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Look around
At the future
Folk tales
Of generation to generations
I want tell
How hard is to find
Opportunity after opportunities
After opportunity
I want tell
How it feels
To strive for a destiny
No one can
Put their own hand in
Not even a artist at it's best
Can fathom
To be a world changer
The Martin Luther's, Gondi's,
Ceaser Chavez's, Bill gates
With an Eisten intellect
Just to heal a dying generation
And build up
Young , intellectual, wise, spiritual
Human being's
My dream
Is to motivate and encourage
Love and Hope for,
Bringing the absolute best
So that every mother, father, grandparent,
Sister, brother
Will praise such generation's
Who was look down on
Who felt worthless
Like I ,
I will be honored
To be a stepping stone
For greatness
This opportunity will
Open the eyes
Of young generations
To come

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