I Want More (You)


United States
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Your eyes
They are an ocean
Full of depth and mystery
I want to lay back and float but I know I'd only drown.
I want more.

Your lips
They are soft as rose petals
and fit perfectly like a puzzle piece with mine
My stomach drops.
I want more.

Your hands
Calloused and gentle
Just one touch
Feels like a spark
Makes every hair on my body stand at attention
You have my attention
I want more.

Your hair
Shaggy and brown
Let me run my fingers through it
Give it a little tug
It's cute when it gets in your face.
I want more.

Your sex
Fire and ice together
Ten-thousand angels sing
I'm in heaven
You are heaven
Fireworks explode in a brilliant display.
I'm gone but I'm gone with you.
You're all I ever wanted.



This is very brilliant, the description reminds me of an Edgar Allan Poe description of a person with all the detail/metaphors and how romanticized it is. Very well thought out and builds very well and ends with just a great line. well done!

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