I want a man

Who does not take my kind heart for granted

Won’t have to give him chances after chances

Knows what to do and how to do it when it comes to satisfying me

Romance such as flowers and dates 

All the things my last tried to convince me to hate


Do not try and teach a man how to be man 

That already proves that he is less than

I want a man that loves me despite all of my flaws

Doesn’t break any of my laws

Such as any act that leads to distrust  

Restrain from the great power of lust

Has the ability to readjust 

To the requirements that I request 


I shall be blessed 

With a man that is obsessed 

Falls into the habit of reassuring his love 

I am not uncertain 

Of what I want I am determined 

To find a man that only knows how to be my man. 

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