I Want to Hold Your Hand

Dear Love, 

I watch as she guides you away

Away from my steadying hand again


Again, pulling away from my comforting embrace

Embrace her, for all she’s worth

Worth far more than I’ll ever be, it seems

Seems that you’ll never feel the same way


Way far away from anything you know

Know that I’ll always love you, no matter where you go

Go to the corners of the earth, far from home

Home, where she waits for you every day to come back


Back again, to me for comfort and warmth

Warmth that I’ll always give, even if I leave

Leave, just like you do, back to her once more

More love for her than I


I knew it never could be

Be the same love that I’d always dreamed of

Of nights together, tucked up under the stars

Stars, which shine as bright as ever without you


You love her more than anything

Anything that could be loved simply doesn’t match

Match like the love in your eyes

Eyes that never see her lies… Or my love


Love like the apple blossom fades over time

Time holds memories captive, memories of you

You, who will never return the affection

Affection that I will always give you, over all else


Else I fade into eternity, to be forgotten

Forgotten like I am when you go to her


Take my hand… Please

From the Person that Will Love You Forever


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