I Want To Go To School


Most people I know do not like school;
I, for one, think it’s wonderful.
To learn and do and experience things,
Will help me grow a pair of wings.

I’ll fly off to a lovely place;
A college of people filled with grace.
To fill my brain with lots of stuff,
And learn of all the things I love.

We’ll prosper and learn and grow together,
With education to withstand the weather.
While the real world snaps with such sharp fangs,
We’ll be dancing happily in the rain.

I have always wanted to go to college
In order to obtain more knowledge.
Since a mighty age of five,
I’ve wanted to be among those that thrive

And live to learn and have specialties
That help them be the best they can be.
I want, oh I want to go to school,
So I can be considered cool.


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