I want to be a writer

Growing up, my parents encouraged me to act.

But looks are important and they said I was fat.

They told me if I want to play the lead I’d have to lose weight.

So I started putting less food on my plate.


Then looks overwhelmed me, I longed for perfection.

Strived to be thin and have perfect complexion.

I hated my body, I hated myself.

I starved to lose weight, and down went my health.


When my mother would notice she’d tell me to eat.

But in my mind, if I did, it was an act of defeat.

When this disorder took over, no weight was low enough.

People’d say I was thin, but to me I was buff.


Years would pass by and my acting went on.

The roles I’d play were higher but my confidence was all gone.

When acting became a burden, I decided to take a break.

I needed time to heal and mend my heart ache.


I stopped wearing make up and started eating food.

I picked up an old hobby and it lightened my mood.

However this hobby wasn’t always a hobby, but a dream.

It’s something I wanted to be known for. It’s what I want to be.


My parents love to support me but only when I’m acting.

However, my passion for it is the only thing I’m lacking.

I know where my passion is, and where it’s always been hiding.

For it tucked itself away behind my love and yearn for writing.


I wanted to write novels at first, I’ll admit.

However I just don’t have the attention span for it. 

So I turned to writing songs whenever I found free time

and that’s where I developed a great passion to rhyme.


I’m a big fan of music and the emotion it contains.

Through poetry I can express my oh so many pains.

I play a few instruments, practicing every now and then

but my favorite utensil is a piece of paper and pen.


It was a great way to explain and express myself openly.

I formed the lines as stanzas and it became poetry.

Some poems are short and others are long.

It depends on the theme and if my feelings for it are strong.


I write for the morbid, I write to relate

I write for the lives people need to appreciate.

I write to mend pain, I write to express

I write to spread awareness.


People don’t know what they don’t see.

I write and hope they understand what they read.

People can talk but not mean what they say.

While, I put genuine meaning into my poetry.


The question is though, “Why do I write and what it means to me?”

Well let me ask you this, “What does it make you feel like when you breathe?”

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Need to talk?

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