I Want to be Wanted


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United States
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In the world we live in today there is a want to be wanted, a need to be needed.

Society and its views conquer. Magazines are its image and tv is its voice.

It is like a maze you can't exscape, because once you are born the magazines are pushed into your face. They are all you see, and television is all you hear, it is all you can relate to.

No one is who they say they are, but they don't realize it. They are too busy convincing themselves of who they are to the world that they lose who they are behind closed doors.

Society rules like a kingdom, we are all peasants unless you adhere to its rules. If you are a female you must be tan and tall and beautiful, every girl wants to be you and every boy wants to call you theirs. Like wise for males. You have to be cookie cutter perfect.

They world can't know who you really are, because if they did then you would never be perfect enough. So you hide behind the make up and the perfect smile. You show off your perfect silhouette and walk with confidence.

But it isn't real. You know the real you loves to tell corny jokes, the real you hates the face you hide behind. You hide anyways. Society would not accept you otherwise. Your jokes would never be good enough.

Funny thing though, people aren't cookies and we aren't made from cookie cutters. We are different. We were born to be unique souls and live happy unique lives. Life isn't magazines and television. But we will never know, all we see is magazines and tv, it is all we live. 

Society has molded us to abide by its rules and live in its image. So we spend our whole lives trying to be cookies, when we were never destined to be the same.

Yet still we mold ourselves to fit in, so we don't draw negative attention. Even though behind your door you know its not right. You know the world would love you if they knew you. You know you aren't supposed to be they same. You know, but you don't listen to the only voice that matters.

And you may tell yourself that your different, but are you really?

Or are you still trying to be loved by a society that loves an unrealistic image?

The only power you hold is taking the power away from society, only you can do that.

Only you can decide that your thirty extra pounds are beautiful. Only you can decide that you think your frizzy red hair is cute. Only you can decide that you love your sense of style, or your pale skin, or your crooked toes.

Once you decide you are beautiful then you strip away the power of society. And you open that closed door and strut with the confidence you only see on tv. Because society doesn't make you beautiful, it has no power over you. You make you beautiful.

Why should you try to fit in anyways? If you were born to be a cupcake then why spend your life pretending to be a cookie?

There is nothing more freeing and gratifying than loving yourself. That's something society can never give you.

The split second you love yourself for who you are and embrace it is the moment you can walk past the prettiest girl in your dank high school hallways with confidence. Because you know you quit trying to be her long ago, and you know she is still hiding behind her door. She is still hiding to be accepted because she doesn't believe in herself enough to let go. But you did.

So if society says you are a dork, then embrace it! If they say you are too big then keep your head high, because you aren't the one hiding. They are.

Behind that door everyone is beautiful, it doesn't matter if they are still hiding or not. Even the ones hiding were once as scared as you.

Its a leap of faith

Its realizing that soceity is wrong. No matter how right the world thinks it is. It's still wrong.

Its realizing that you are beautiugl because you make you beautiful.


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