I want to be heard more than you know

Not only do I wish for you to understand me,

but I wish for you to be happy for me.

My desires are ony truley met when I forget about myself.

I don't mean to come across as sefish,but pease understan this:

I am my own healer and I am my own personal wave of destruction.

I build my own city just to stumbe through the streets to destroy my own design.

You think you know me.

You think you can contol me.

Quite frankly, the one who has lost control here is you.

Shall I shout it from the roof tops to echoe through your deafening ears?

Can I slam a door shut to have you open it with tender hands and a shallow voice?

Is it possible for you to ever understand the evolution of my brain?

A frame work of mass and a delivery system of neurons that are ultimatley superior to yours.

I think in thunder and work as rain.

Who ever you want me to be I give you the impression that of the person you want.

But I am lightning and abide to my own path of charge.

Don't test me.

I'm Sorry.

Thank you.

Let me be.

Hear me


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