I Want To Be

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 22:14 -- kenia21


I want to be an attorney
Everyone has heard it from my mouth a good million times 
Who is Kenia?
Oh yeah, the artist and the aspiring attorney
Plain and simple.
It is simple... on the surface
On the first layer that is me
It is not a misjudgement
It is what I want to be
So far, so good
High school? Check.
SFSU in the Fall? Check.
Intern at the courthouse this summer? Check.
Support system? Check.
Perfect little plan? Check.
It seems I have it all under control
But in reality I have never felt more out of control
To think that this "perfect plan" will fail, is next to death
I have been too comfortable with it to let it crumble
Even worse than my personal failure is to think of those around me
Let me think about the ones that said they knew I could do it.
To the ones that wrote me the letters of recommendation
To the ones that said I was responsible and ready for SFSU
To the ones that were sure I would amount to something.
How will I face them?
I pray to God I never have to.


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