I Want Accommodations

If teachers only knew

The struggle I go through

Giving all this work

Like I have Nothing Else to do

I want accommodations

I need to be seen as an individual

Getting work according to my schedule

I am a full time student

And work throughout the week

Do not Judge ME

It was not a choice for me

I wish teachers would

Workout a separate plan for me

It’s not fair that I barely get to sleep

Week by Week, A long school day

Full day of work, hours of homework

Then Repeat

I know it must be sweet to be a normal kid

But I’m Not, Is It my fault that my family is large

Make Accommodations for me

If you would please because

If you really knew me, you would see

How much I care about My Education

But My Family comes First

So Do not Make me Choose

Between school and Work

Neither is an option

But a Need

Just help to accept me

By giving me work not loads

So That I may learn concepts and review

And still sleep without feeling guilty

It’s a struggle day in and Day out

If Teachers only knew

The Struggle I go through

I want accommodations

Not isolation

Let be Accepted for Who I am and What I do

I cannot change according to you

I want to be involved not excluded

Just don’t look at me like I’m stupid

Because I did not do All the work you assigned

Because I was already Sleep deprived

So I rest my eyes hoping to get an hour or two

But the sleep was so long past due

If only Teachers knew


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