i wanna die lol

without you im just staring at the empty wall waiting to hear your voice  

but i know thats become a dream again

one too painul to relive now, the only way i can is through a memory 

its almost worst to taste it and not be able to get it back 

i always watch something so great in the distance too far to reach it myself, 

when will i ever find something

i wish i believed in myself as much as i believe in you 

maybe then i would know what to do 

but all my heart wants to do is crawl back to you and give up its life so you can come back to yours 

to meet your family without you there

to know the pain they feel with the thought of you 

and to know you might have been there 

i just want to know how you feel after all this

theres so much i still want to know from you, 

but i can wait a little longer. 

always knew i would. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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