I Waited

Patiently watching continuously observing

This unfair treatment & your reckless discernment

Your bad judgment has me on the sideline

When I should be in the game because taking a hit feels the same

But instead you turned your back and went to another team

Now he doesn't give you everything you need

Money & jewels are cool but what about attention & affection

A kiss on the forehead when you least expect it

I offered you ALL of me and you settle for 25% of another

Now you stressed and pregnant 

Because he didn't tell you he had another baby mother

(Laughs) S. M. H. huh...

You'd be so much happier if you had took this deal 

I guess obsession and blindness doesn't recognize real

So now you come crawling back 

And expect me in your life just like that

Sorry babe but your expired and your worth outdated 

You should've took this train because now it has left the station

I was hurting my own pride because I wasn't chasing

And murdered my own self-esteem because I WAITED...



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