I used to be so kind

you took away from me

the only parts of myself

that i ever loved

and made me despise them

as much as all the other things 

that i could never stand


you stole my heart and ran with it



here it is 

still thudding againt my chest

at the thought of you

but nothing beautiful

lives there anymore

because when the thudding slows 

to a subtle jump

the rhythm is no longer one

that can harmonize

with the grace that once danced 

through my veins


grace left

and did so love 

fed up with the pain the I forced on them

just so that i could keep you


now all that's left is a heart

that's hollow

and cold 

that sits alone in my chest


now all that's left is me

always trying to catch my breath

and always wiping tears from my eyes

trying to understand

what i ever did 

to have deserved you.


i used to be so kind.

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Our world
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