I used to

Have you ever stood there with the light shinning with a hint of dark?

The light shining the rain falls from the sky

You ever wonder with no thought

As you walk alone, never to find yourself alone

The plants move as you walk by; they quietly acknowledge you to say hi

"Im here for you"

walking alone you notice your physically in this world that demands

Where has the music gone as it is in your ear

makes you feel to do certain things, but where is the emotion?

Where is the spring?

I cry and I explain to myself that it is a crime of passion that I would have to comform to society

So content with living

I would walk in the rain to know i'm alive wondering why your inside

look at me

(he's wet)

but you do not know what is in my mind

nothing and everything

I am wet

you wouldn't understand if you could see the appreciation in my eyes

that every moment that Im here

Im focused

Im alive

It may not be for what you want, but thats what I'm here for

To have eyes.

Guide that inspired this poem: 


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