I try, But Still Cry

I feel hopeless.

Dad's out of work.

I'm trying to get myself through school.

I cry.

Too much.

Trying to make ends meet.

It's not just me who is in this position.

It's a lot of people.

Maybe you're one of them.

Who knows.

But I cry.

It's not just me.

It's my sisters and brother too.

Two jobs.

Denied by so many loan companies.


Your parents probably fed you with a silver spoon.

Maybe it was gold.

I still cry.

My spoon was wooden.

I made it.

I have always provided for myself.

No one gets it.

40 hour work weeks at 19.

Who am I?

I'm Jane.

I'm strong.

I'm a fighter.

A lover. 

An educated classy woman.

A ballerina.

An artist.

That cries. 


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