I Try

I try to run for the things that I want,
Not what I need,
When I hear about what I need in order to get my life together,
I space out; ignore it,
I try to figure what I want to do with my life,
But it seems there are too many choices to choose from,
Or too many distractions keeping me from my goal,
I try too hard? Or aren't I trying hard enough?
Am I stepping up without taking baby steps?
I try so hard doing things without thinking,
I try to make the right choices,
But it doesn't seems to be right in the end,
I usually make little mistakes, like going too fast instead of taking it slow,
Making assumptions without stopping to ask,
I try to better myself,
So I do better,
I think better,
I am a better me,
With a better life, provided by the family I have,
The God I have Faith in,
The One who never abandoned me,
The Holiest of holy who never leaves me,
I might try, I might fail, but I never forget to,
Walk before Running,
Think before Acting,
Wait before Judging,
Dream before Waking,
Give before Taking,
Laugh before Crying,
Live before Dying.


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