I Too Shall Survive

I too shall survive

if I was lost out at sea stranded with no one around

screaming  for someone

someone please help me help me please

how did I get here no one knows

I look around and see How fast time goes

Here I am stuck on the island  with mysterious  creatures.

gee whiz I wish I listen to my preacher

I sit back and reminisce the times that I took for granted

Here I am lost  

you may sit back and ask yourself

what is the one valuable thing that you wish you had

I would say my family or more time to spend with them more gradually.

many people come in and out your life and I'm not saying  family won't either.

yet they are very much dear to me that seeming  that they are not here

this is too much to take on

I'm here all alone on this island secluded

no ones here so my soul is left bare

I wish I had my family someone here to care

but they're not here I'm stuck in fear no this is not meant to be a sad story

Nor is it to end with the happy ever after

this is a lesson to all

anyone can be a part of this family

anyone that’s born in part of the family can also be left behind

a family is more than just blood and the family is no less than blood and water

so if it takes me being stuck on a island to get me closer to see what is valuable to me

I would definitely say my family.

This poem is about: 
My family


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