For I Too, Am American

Compassion is something you have naught of,
Though you are not without ambition.
What is sought is difficult to find alone,
Wisdom is more easily gained together.

A fight is not worth fighting alone,
A battle is won together.
Though determination is admirable,
Love is the passionate flame of God.

Freedom is something our nation understands naught,
Though equality is a foundation.
What we seek is a loving nation,
This by us alone will not be.

Our fight is not just ours,
This battle is yours to share.
Though your purity is your vanity,
Love is the foundation of your faith.

I, too, am American.
Though a man I may not love,
I am your sister.

I, too, am American.
So says your lies,
I am equal to you.

Let your constitution not lie;
Let understanding be the American way.
Let me sit at your table;
Let me be a true American.

Let the passionate flame of God,
Be the foundation of your beliefs,
And let the foundation of your beliefs,
Be the standard that holds you honest,
And let your honesty,
Stand true to your constitution.

For I, too, am American.


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