I Too Am

I am American,

the color of my skin or the kinks in my hair do not define who I am meant to be.

I too am just as equal as the other.

I too am just another minority with a target on their back, a label to their name , and a perception of a pack.

I too am urged to vote , because it is my right.

I too am everything society says I am not to be.

I am not conforming to society.

I am not going to become of this world because I reside in it.

I am not a thief, or murderer.

No I do not pooses a gun,

but what I do possess is a mind.

A mentality far greater than what the people of this society display.

Strength in which allows me to overcome the cruel bearings of this world.

God which allows me to fight all battles head on. 

So I ask today, will your skin determine who you are destined to be?

I am American, yes that's me.

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Our world
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