I Thought It Was You, But Now It's Just A Boat

I’ll remember you here with recollection

Fading like the solemn, hushed breath of dawn;

Laughing, smiling; star-studded eyes vacating

Passing through the night-sky until they are gone.


Beach island sand grates my back;

This land is breathing with half-imaginings and gossamer reminiscence,

Painful to the touch and agonizing with each breath

Sinking into seams of care-worn folds and worn careless holes of my existence.


But its touch is still gentler than yours.


Here, solitude baptizes my brow like beaded sweat;

Dripping dropping reminding returning.

There is a battle in my mind for escape while

Solitude is hard-earned path I’m learning.


And there is harmony in the stars.

They are o








                                 g each other, while I outrace my memories of you.

I’m hoping I can forget your smile here.


But the stars are envious; they remember it too.

They dazzle, imitating it to remind me of you.


This island rumbles beneath me; I am abandoned here by fate,

But I've found home in my mind.

No man is an island; I am no man,

But this torture is one every human can find.


You are still everywhere there is a nowhere,

And I was castaway upon this place to find that there is

Everything when there is someone to remember you.

Your presence trembles the very air.



The silence takes what is left of a hoarse throat

scratched raw by pain of what wasn’t said;

I am sandwiched here between reality and reverie,

and what lies quietly dormant and dead.


Surrounding this island, I watch hatched waves ripple with dissonant unity,

consuming each other over and over. 

What did I take here?

There is a low moan that whispers through the palm trees,

Dividing the sun-kissed soil from night-graced sand.

Confusion weighs on my shoulders before I realize

The agony comes from me.

And the wind flattens the land.


I want to be free from this place, but I’m not.

I know what I want, but not what I need here.

And my mind realizes it before my eyes see it,

Dragging but quick thinking pace,

spurred to coiled,

and red-hot.


Cream sails cut through the night,

Polarizing like memories and reality of you and me

I see it; a boat that skims the water’s surface,

Slow cruising but available to this endless sea.


My escape and what I need on this island of you and me,

Without you,

And only me.


What I brought was the boat; I’m standing, then running;

Fog mist explodes from my mouth in an open gasp

As my feet hit gravel-kissed bone-white sand.

Open sails yawn on the ship, yearning my direction South;

For me to take departure from the treachery of open land.

This poem is about: 
Our world



wow...good one




this is really good

mine pale in comparison to this


i'll try harder now

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