I Think (speak your mind)

They ask me what's on my mind

I hesitate to say

I wonder if they'll find it interesting.

For me it's hard to focus

I'm always in my head.

Unfortunetly, it's the one thing about me

that people find irritating.

I go apologise for not listening.


I think about so much all the time

Stories appear in my head

you can often find me staring off into space.

I can't help it.

I think about love, happiness, and also hate.

I think about the wounded soldier

coming home to see his daughter for the first time.

I think about the kid who moved to a new place and feels alone.

My mind has created a life of it's own.


I tell myself to snap out of it and pay attetion

After all isn't day dreamig just for kids?

Not if you put it on paper

and let other people explore your thoughts and emotions.

I can't apologise for wondering anymore.

I think about those stories and so, so much more!Ii









May I kindly recommend proofreading your text before submitting it? This is lovely work, but having less spelling errors & typos would have made it all the more admirable!

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