I Think Of Him

If only he would ever know,

That I can't fall asleep at night

Because I only think of him, although

To him I am like any other sight.


If only he could once imagine

How much my soul yearns for his one glance,

So burned by lies, it is now ashen

It is afraid to take a chance.


If only he could comprehend

The looks and smiles I send his way

Small things he does that I commend

The pretexts I make so with him I stay.


If only he would notice,

The passion with which I talk to him

Affection in my eyes so endless,

That it wouldn't ever dim.


One day, I'll let him know of this.

And then he might return my glances

But for now I will suspend the bliss,

I will speak in only short, shy phrases.

I will show him that he has the best of friends,

From now until our love impends.

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