"I Think"

"I Think..."

 I think creativity should be

Something we’re not afraid of

 I think we should hide from

The thing under the bed

And run from the

Noise out the window

 I think we should be humans

Because it’s human nature to do so

or so I think

for I don’t know

all I know

is we’re on the brink

of death and destruction

and we fail to think

of moral corruption

we just shoot our guns

and wave our flags

and gag as we proudly sink

for fear is all we show

I think, but I don’t know.

 I think we should abolish the constitution

For it has mocked us for long enough

 I think we should stop lapping up the gospel

When the diamond is lost in the rough

Or at least because those who wrote it

Considered half the faces I see to be

Three-fifths of a human

And the other half zero.

A tragedy.

Behold America: The World’s Greatest Show

Oh how I think, but I don’t know.

I remember reading

for reading’s sake

the books took our culture

and burned it at the stake

we were born in

the sanctification

we grew up in

the crucifiction

now we stand at the vanguard in

the vilification of

a life that puts a price

on Democracy:






In a democracy

is freedom really free

or does it drip and bleed

with lives long lost:

blood donors to the land owner


rise now the children

who reap what our father’s sow

tear up the pages

for I think, but I don’t know.

 I think we should close our mouths

And let our minds do the talking

 I think that for once we should stand still

And let our souls do the walking

Because the only way to dig past

This superficial crust is with our hands--

dirty, broken, unplanned

unafraid of boom or bust

unshaken by hit after hit

untaken by the politically unjust

unfettered by the masses’ bullshit

once gone and forever returned

lives formed by the poet’s spit

riots incited, cities burned

races united, justice deserved

walls torn down, music in the halls sound

all in the name of just one word:

Our Word

Our Culture, Our Mind, Our Youth

dripping from the fountain, cut uncouth

thirsty to climb the mountain of need;

You heed?

We are hungry to plant the seed

and watch it grow

This I think, but I do not know.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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