I Thank you Darling

I thank you darling
For those words that you spoke
To me that day we sat under the trees
In my backyard
On that hot summers day
The scent of my mothers yellow gladiollas
Drifting up our noses
The little black ants
Tickling our feet
In search of the
Chocolate chip cookies
I baked you that morning
For our two year anniversary.
Just two normal teens in love
Against the world who's
Hate we blocked out
They said we wouldn't last
But look at how we styled on em
We laughed it all off
Each time.
I never noticed the twinkle in your eyes
Whenever my dear old friend
Told me told weren't worth my time
In front of your face
I fought for you and shut out
what I perceived as nonsense.
But that day in my backyard
Under those trees
When you spoke those words
I felt like I was dying
I thought my world was over
I'd never love again
Never trust again.
It's funny.
Now I think back
And I thank you darling.


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