I Thank God for My Two Feet: [Flawless]


I was born with, and I say this very seriously,

sausage toes.


One night, a man looked at my bare feet, at

this party I went to, and he laughed. He

said, "Did you know that you have

"sausage toes? Why aren't you




And look, I said...

After taking a deep breath...


"These feet are great for running, yeah,

we all know about running, don't we?


But they're also good for standing up


reach what you got to





And these TOES?

Are what help me




are beautiful -- beautiful --



Like my toes like sausage links

and like my nose

my breath that stinks,

and like my soul,

and like my thinks

that spiral and spread

across the earth and

through my head

as I tumble and sift

from bed.


I am wrinkled like my sheets.

I am dirty like my house.

I am the farmer and his wife.

I am the cheese. I am the mouse.


And these feet are good for standing on,

supporting me,

holding me up,

taking me far and away,

or to the cabinet

for a cup.


They write the pages of my book.

They are stanzas, lines, and verses.

They dance me through the kitchenette.

They take me on all of my searches.


I thank God for my two feet.

I thank God for my sausage toes.

I thank God for making me in

ways that only God can know."


I did not wake up this way.

I carved myself like this.


But, one morning, shaken

by myself, knowing that

I do exist...


I did wake up.


I thank God for my two feet.


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