I Telephoned a Soul


United States
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Hello? Hey there, how're you doing? Alright? Yeah sure, I got a minute. Yeah man, I heard about that storm. No! You were? Wow. That’s crazy. You’re telling me you died because of AIR? You died from the stuff we breathe? Man I’m sorry. I know, right? That’s the thing. You never think a little thing like wind could do so much. But it did. I- Hang on, what? You left your family down there? Shit, that’s rough. I bet they’re going through hell. Yeah, I’m headed back to Earth in just a minute. Yeah, no problem. Of course I’ll send them your love. I’ll make sure there’s hugs all around. Of course. I know you’re sad you left them, but hey, some day you’ll see them again. Think about it, after all that time, they’ll have lots of stories to tell you. One day, you’ll get to hold them again. But don’t you worry about that yet. For now, I’m gonna let them know you’re safe up here in Heaven. All right.You take care. Click.

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