I like summer, the heat,


I like summer, the heat, the bees, the pool

I hate pencils, the seats, the tests, the school,

But I drool once I see a figure ahead

a young school teacher with a fine blonde head,

so instead of glaring at the marks on the ground

I pay attention real close and don't make a sound,

and I frown, when I get back my scores and I read it

100 percent score with no extra credit,

I walk to my next class all prepared

Ohh wait! I have a unit test, now I'm scared,

so once I sit down and I start to pray

"welcome to class students, you have a sub today",

Oh the glory! My story, is finally done

"Guys take out your packets class has begun",

And one last thing I forgot to mention

"David stop typing or I'll give you detention!"



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