I Strike the Ground

Fri, 12/13/2019 - 12:00 -- csb

I strike the ground

I strike it, with all the passion inside of me

I strike it, with power and purpose to command 


To grow

Fear, to be uprooted

Courage to be planted

I strike the ground so that the 

Snakes hurry off and so the 

Hardness breaks up and 

The ground softens, ready to receive 

Whatever You plant 

I strike the ground. 


I strike it for my family. 

I fight, that there may be peace,

I strike it. 


I strike it for my country, 

that there may be revival and that this land 

Would be Yours again,

I strike it. 


I strike the ground in the rhythm of Your heartbeat, which means that I must 


Before I strike. 


It is work, to strike, but 

I strike the ground 

To prepare the fields for harvest. 

I strike the ground

To dig up stones

And build You an altar. 


I strike the ground;

It rattles the bones.

I strike the ground;

In rhythm with Your breath,

I strike. 

And when You breathe,

The bones arise. 


I strike the ground, 

The army is forming

The harvest is growing 

Your life is flowing 

As I strike the ground 

Your heart I’m knowing. 


I strike the ground 

I will strike it

I will not slack

I strike it 

And with every wack

You are growing me

My endurance 

Your strength in me


I strike it

Your plan I see

I strike it

You illuminate to me

I strike it

Your heart I see

I strike it

In Faith I see

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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