I Stood In Line Waiting


I stood in line waiting....
waiting for you to call me
and that line seemed as long as the red sea, my patience never was meant to be

I stood in line waiting behind
dark figures with a woman's shape
they stood unappreciated statues in your painting
the title you gave was, waiting

You blessed your pride with the image
of woman waiting for you to enter
spend five minutes with them and leave
you stole the beauty of such patience you thief

Cause if a woman stands in line for you
she cares
there so much woman do and not just nails and hair
they are the shoulders and soldiers for families and generation
so don't take the away the loving message in her waiting patience

I stood in line and waiting for you to call my name
I waited
until I thought of the ugly in your painting
and I was the first in your stupid line to step away
I wouldn't stand for you
I wouldn't wait

So surprised were those dark figured woman
when you listened to what I had to say

I didn't care for you love
if I wasn't number one

I didn't care for your hugs if it was the duplicate of hers
and hers, and every other girl
you so happily played

So here's five words you can take to the grave


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