I still dream... A friend of Mine,

I still dream...
A friend of Mine,
Then A boy age of 10,
A neighbor friend of mine,
As close as heart,
Remember days together we played,
Never missed a day he in dream,
A day Missed was malaise...
So caring he was,
Never could see me sad,
Wiped Tears rolled from my eyes,
Were we made for each other? 
Thought my mind,
Was it love? I didn't know!
No knowledge of love I had,
Intense wave length knotted us.
Now I still dream a lot..
I am 80 he is 80, still is strong,
He's like an antique wine, 
Intoxicates my mind and soul,
Am Addicted to adore,
Together still strongly knot,
When compare he is on top.
We fight a lot but a kiss solves it all.
I am his woman he's my man.
I realize age isn't the barrier for love,
Only notion carries love,
It's a glue that sticks us both,
A wave length of bond...
I still dream a lot... 
Meant for each other,
Our soul is one, heart is one and We are one,
I wish you too dream...
Life is one, knot is one, 
Love isn't only craving lust,
Look for none when have one,
Adorn this well so as to adore...
© Sadashivan Nair. All rights reserved,


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