I Stand


United States
36° 1' 44.4756" N, 86° 33' 0.594" W

(poems go here) Im trapped in a cell of anger and I cant get out. I look for the exit but only four walls cover me. I cry for help but theres only silence. Wheres my voice? Why cant I be heard? As I stand to my feet I become dizzy lightheaded so down I go. Again I try to stand but down I go. I try once again but now its a force pushing me to the concrete floor. This pressure hurts, it frightens me. So I crawl to a corner slowly taken small steps hoping whoever cant see me. Who may be watching though? Im not sure to me I am all alone. As I sit in the corner I bow my head praying that God will send me light a way out. So I sit and wait. My box becomes dark as I wait in agony for a sign. Suddenly voices appeaer. I smile thinking its help but it seems like laughter. Are they laughing at me? STOP IT!! I stand to my feet but down I go and thje laughter rises. Agan and again I try but moore laughter. STOP!!!!!!!!!! All of a sudden silence is back in the room? I have to fight this. I try to stand and the force pushes but I keep trying. As I keep trying the force increases. Not this time you will not win. After pushing with all the hidden might I finally stand. I run to te walls and push hard finally hearing my voice yell with power. Then all of a sudden the bricks that stood were now the ashes at my feet. And again.... I stand

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