I Sprayed Love

Like a skunk

I sprayed love

Like a monk

I sprayed peace

In your face

In front of you

And you walked away

Like I was in your way

No, I’m not a sorry lover

I am simply an admirer.


You ignored the flowers

Falling from above

You acted like a fool

Coming from a strange place

Where live ugly monsters

I no longer feel

That I love you

You let me down

And you gave me a frown

Instead of a smile

You’re mean and vile

I have moved on too

Since I no longer

Think and dream of you

I feel much better

I’m now a smart lover.


Copyright © March, 2021, Hébert Logerie, all rights reserved.

Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.







This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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