I Slam For Feurguson


Blacks being killed like we have no Self worth or even meaning 

But how can i expect the whites to respect us when we act so demeaning 

Killing EACH OTHER like  that other person didnt have a reason to live 

Or like they dont have sons and daughters who need someone to give 

Calling our friends NIGGAS ike its cool to be a the white mans boy 

well let me tell you something THESE LIVES ARE NOT A TOY 

Im tired of hearing you tell my black king its ok to do all these bastardly things 

Go get a girl pregnant don't raise your own kids 

live off the government, "SHIT THEY OWE US THIS" 


but the right to free speech 

and those same rights we have, they have the same things

Now the police were wrong killing an innocent boy 

but he wasnt anything more than a black boy causing trouble said all the tabloids 


dont let them allow you to think its ok 

becuase Martin Luther faught for us and blacks died everyday 

But we weren't self eliminating or killing or brothers and sisters 

but now we doing it for them so who cares if they kill us 

I know one thing my son will not be that statistic

My daughter wont be there to attest as a wittness 

Im teaching him to be the king that he is 

and when i have a daughter she will be hers before she is his 

Ill be DAMNED if I allow my child to become someones who was taken to early 

I promis I'll be there when my children turn 30 

Unless we change ourself and stand by our values  

we'll continue to be killed, disposed and used 

So do it for Mike brown because his tretment was unjust

but for us to get anywhere self respect is a MUST!

Poetry Slam: 


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