I Seen a Beauty Today

As I look In your Eye's 👀 I Can See the Stars ✨ 

& As I get lost in the Moment & It seems the Stars✨Aren't so far.

As I'm Hypnotized by the Beauty in your Eye's,👀 It should be No Surprise.

How easy I'm Blown away, Just like a Frat In the win,💨 Your Beauty did It Again.

As I Quickly catch myself just to get One last look,👀 Then I see that Pretty Smile 

That I could Spot from a Mile, You got that kind of Smile that make's a Country boy Wild,

See that's a Perfect kind of Smile that I Haven't seen in while, She got that Beauty in her Smile That could Light up a room,

& Bright my day, Not much left to say.

I Seen a Beauty Today 

Chance Little 

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