I See You There

I see you there,
Shooting winks across the crowded room
With your stammer,
That pause,
The way you hammer me
Another cause
To fiend,
For your lollipop of dreams

You know that hip swag,
That 1950s curtsy,
Whisper in my ear while
Wearing your mothers hand me down charm,
Calms frenzies
Made up of previous 
"Not tonight’s",
"My friend will get mad’s",
"And you’re too drunks"

Well I’ve bit my lip thru in frustration,
Temptation is bleeding,
The sensation of needing 
Is like life needs sun,
Like spiritual beings need manna,
I’m on my knees girl
You’re the Ilsa to my Casablanca,
Your smile injected me
With 3000 cc
Of euphoric nostalgia,
And now it’s my turn,
Leave your body quivering, dizzy,
Like standing on the tippy top of
An ancient Egyptian Temple dizzy,
That free spirited little girl
Spinning in a field dizzy,
I wanna leave your clittertips tingling,
Till next 4th of July.

Just lay down, 
With your head on my chest,
And listen to heartbeats 
The syllables of your name,
Until I penetrate,
And spend hours,
Bringing you to a cataclysmic climax
That will realign the juxtaposition,
Of our entire solar system,
Our dreams will intertwine with reality,
And fantasy will animate,
The moon will dance with the sun,
And embrace the sky,
In an eclipse of lust,
Casting purple, gentle stillness,
We’ll cause an apocalypse,
Decimation of your insides,
Your eyes, 
Will widen like skydiving
Over a volcano

In the candlelight, 
Your silhouette is that of a seraph,
But I will perish 
The halo,
And cherish 
The moment, 
You cross over from that
Innocent Angel,
To my lustrous Lucifer

I’ll show you just how deep
Your wells of walls of passion push,
I mean love so tender,
The fascination will fall off the bone,
If you thought Krueger’s victims
Were begging for mercy,
You have no idea

I’ll show you why the 1-2 domino
Is called 3 the hard way

We’re gonna redefine dripping, 
Teeth fingers gripping,
Sipping the supple dipping,
Till pillows are ripping,
And the floating feathers tickle your skin,
In thousands of pocket sized orgasms

The resonance of moans 
Will cause monsoons in Thailand,
I will caress and cushion
Your convulsing craze,
With the thrust of memories of days
Glazed in planetary realigned metaphase

Submitted by: Digital Poet

Leave you stranded on a plateau,
In the company of 
Isis, Venus, and Aphrodite,
Rhythm and motion will defy,
Universal rules,
The smooth, 
To heavenly disposition,
Will overpower the sensation of nuclear fission,
Never again will u be on that mission,
Wishing, you knew,
What a frenzied orgasm tastes like,
Just one night of delight

All because I see you there
Shooting winks across the crowded room

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