I See You

Tue, 12/03/2019 - 13:08 -- morgan3

dear homeless,

I see you,

standing at that same sidewalk everyday-

begging for a few cents,

just for something to eat.


I see you

the looks people give-

as if you are a rabid animal,

sitting there with only:

the belongings you can carry.


I see you,

asking someone for money,

so that you can put your daughter to rest.

Fishing because,

all the money you manage to get

will go toward buring her.


I see you,

and your cracked fingers,

I see you with your face full,

of wrinkles,

that are crusted over with dirt.


I see you,

waiting in line

outside the homeless shelter,

so that maybe,



this week you can get a full meal.


I see you,

sleeping on the sidewalk


there's nowhere else 

for you to go.


I see you,

with your clothes,

that look as if-

they have been worn for

five years-

without being washed.


I see you,

never happy,

always worried.


I see you,

and you inspire me-

to keep fighting everyday

no matter,

how bad life may get.




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Our world
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