I see you

 I see you and my heart shatters like glass from a window pane

 You look at me and I hear echos of your venemous voice, driping with honey and kisses

 You tell me a thousand neatly folded lies, I let you because I belive that I can change your nature

 You tell me I am dirt, not worthy of even lying beneath your feet

 You crown me, put me on a pedestal of rightousness and then shame me for standing there

 You beat me with your words, told me I treated you like trash and didn't deserve your friendship

 I was blind to your manipulations and let you suck the life from me like water down a sink drain I see you

I see you now for who you are and who you were, I’m better off without you

 But when I see you in passing, when our eyes meet, my heart stops

And I'm broken all over again

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Break those chains
Let loose bondages thats imprisoning you from being free
Remember that Jesus never leaves nor forsake you
Great poem, powerful

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