I See You

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 08:19 -- jweigum

I see youI see your strength and your charm.And that smile that makes daylight jealous.I see the outlet of your frustrations in the valleys of your triceps.I've memorized the divots in your lips as they approach mine.I hope this is how I will remember you.I see your colors.You are so vibrant, did you know that?You radiate waves of purple and grey.You wear a shell of red, yellow, and orange.You project fire, confidence, and determination.Ribbons of blue peek through from yourcore and dance with your shadows.Your hands are the only place you show green. I think it's because curiosity gets the best of you as they wander.They cover your face in exhaustion. You space your fingers just around your eyes, but yourgazeremainsclosed.I wish you would just look up at me.You make me want to play with fire.

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