I See You

I see you

That scared little girl hiding her emotions from the masses

I see a girl who uses a tough facade as a sheild from the hail of raining bullets we call whispers

I see a girls who uses words from her mouth to block out sounds from her mind

I see a girl who crys more than you think

Yet her tears...

They mean nothing


They are mearly just a reflex

Another sheild she's built up to replace speaking of what she's actually feeling

So her tears are misunderstood all the time


I see a girl who wants to do what makes her happy,

But then decides that being an outsider to societies rules is a fate worse than death

I see a girl who wants to be one of the guys without actually being called a guy

I see a girl who hates being judged

I see a girl who wants to roam free to her own devices,

Not living up to other peoples dreams,

Not meeting other peoples's deadlines

Just keeping sweet time to her own goals


I see you


I hear you


When you sceam ever so silently

I hear you when your thoughts speak decibles above you

Such a loud mind for such a lost child

But these two speakers are speaking two diffrent languages

Completley out of sync

Still managing to share a body

Completley in tune when hiding the side she doesn't want you to see

"Yeah, I'm Fine.."

"Yeah, I'm Fine.."


I hear you

When you wake up from those nightmares of the days you wanted to end it all


I hear you

When you



And give a manufactured smile


I hear you

When you stand in the mirror and speak to yourself


I hear you

When you say things to yourself that you would never dare utter to another soul


And I heard you

When the only words you could manage to say were:

"I'm Sorry"


I'm sorry too...

Sorry that I let you down


I know you 

When you amble down the hall after everything you've been through


I know

When you sometimes become eerily quite

Thinking your life over twenty times to many


I know you

When you eyes glaze over

But you still carry on a conversation with someone...


Someone who made you remember...


But when it;s all said and done

I could preach to you that it gets better

And soemday you will get over it

But your only Human


The reality is you don't get over it 

Sometimes you still cry

You hold on to the memories because you can't go back

You will get depressed

Then you'll grow up

And just stop caring...

about everything


Become empty

Care for few

Dismiss the rest


I just want to let you know darling,






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