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25° 16' 27.8328" S, 133° 46' 30.4896" E

America seems too hate 

even though putting themselves on a bate

discriminating souls, unknown to them.

they seem not care. 

can you even bare the word free.

meanings across the earth change.

from the way they acting America seems too give free hot chips.

instead of free basic human rights.

what if we bite, shall they strike back.

all these hijabi's wrapping there scarves

you think there opressed.

it becomes a war of nerves, they prostesting on the streets

while you spit at them freedom more like oppresion.

you bought the black in your land from africa,

calling them slaves, to be honest america

without  them your free land wouldnt be here.

there labour was free, in return deliver them freedom.

 you seem too hate way too often, and forgetting to love.

you see gay rights gave you the oppurtunity to see that love is more powerful than you will ever be.

you made woman fight just to vote, while the men they have given birth too all the rights they need.

freedom, your statue that stands in the ocean holds you a flashlight, 

calling you for years, you've never followed it.


-Retaj Maryol

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Our world


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