I Saw the Stars in your Eyes

I saw the stars in your eyes--and I also watched them burn out.

You showed me a whole other universe, and I got lost in it.

The rope that you'd tied around my heart to keep me from falling back into the abyss of everything you'd saved me from--you cut it.

Those stars that resembled the milky way turned into meteors that showered down on me--incinerating everything you'd been helping me rebuild.

And now I've crashed back in to reality--a head on collision fast enough to cause collateral damage beyond repair.

I've shattered into a million pieces being sucked into a black hole, but they're all fighting their way back to you--no matter the forces trying to pull them in the other direction.

Because of everything that's been broken, somehow my hope remains intact.

Because despite your efforts to extinguish the flames of our fire, the embers still smolder underneath all the ash--waiting for the spark to reignite.



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