I Said No

I said no, but it would not matter anyways.

In my eyes, no means no;

in his, no means keep trying,

she’s just playing hard to get, she wants you anyways.


I said no.

No does not mean you have any more entitlement to my body;

in fact, you never did before, and you still don’t.


I said no to the catcalls on the streets,

“can I get your number baby?”

and, “come on, let me take you home. It’ll be fun.”


I said no

to those wandering eyes that automatically land on my ass,

and the people like you who call me fat, ugly, and sexually worthless.


But I dare you, look at me now.

Covered. In the shadows. Hiding.

Hiding the body I should, could and would love

if it weren’t for people like you.


And while you make jokes with your friends about, “That’s what she said,”

Remember what I actually said.

I said no.


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