I resist


We did  Not come this far

                                      we did nOt put up  a fight


                               A fight for our rIghts as humans and equals


To be subliminally judged and dehumanized With your rude remarks about my sex

                           I wOn’t let you control me, as if

                   I were a puppet iN your one man show

                   this is no man’s show,This is my show for once.


  My gender does not define Me

                          as an individuAl that is

             far greater than any overgeneralized stereotype Known to you

                        evEn if



    You are too naive to understand

      The cOmplexity that is

to be a hUman.


             I wouldn’t dAre degrade you.



                              Even though the Fire that grows within me wants to.

                  YoUr judgmental comments can’t

           Cause me any damage

                                    I Know better than to believe you.

                           All I want Is to open your close-minded

                                            mind aNd be able to show you that the words that come out your mouth

      Are not to be Grouped and constructed



                                     into a Sentence that is use to

      diminish me As a woman

  in comparisoN to a man.

                  Instead Do the ethical thing and respect me.

           The World is in need of moral values towards woman.

So the next tIme you ask me

            to make you a sandwiCh as a technique to shut me up

    I will not Hesitate to say                            




My favorite part of this poem was the name of my spine. "I won't make you a f*cking sandwich" I think the spine of this poem is where the resistance is shown as an action. However, as a whole I really love every part of the poem, it is one of my favorite poems.






i love you.


I love this!

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