i remember

I remember when I was little and I had this perfect family.

I remember having 4 sisters, a mom and a dad.

I remember my dad joking around and asking, “what would you do if your mother and I would ever get a divorce?”

I remember always telling him “I would hit you!’

I remember always being so sure that would never happen…

I remember that night you told us you were getting a divorce.

I remember things then spiraling out of control.

I remember the blood trickling down my wrist and thighs

I remember skipping meals

I remember the doctors diagnosing me with multiple forms of anxiety

I remember wanting to die

But when I failed to remember was the faith I always had in me.

I also remember not letting my depression take over my life anymore.

I also remember throwing away all of my blades and knifes and feeling happy about it

I also remember willingly eating again

Most of all I remember reclaiming my life back. Yes, I’ve had horrible downs and still continue to even now, but I have cried, mentally died, and sighed, laughed and have come back to the strong soul I am today. Me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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