I Remember


United States
42° 36' 5.0328" N, 73° 46' 59.1096" W

I remember,
The tears in my eyes,
The red of my face,
The wetness of my hair from the rain outside.

I remember,
The paleness of your skin,
The whiteness of the hospital,
The space around you that was so depressing.

I remember,
The dead geraniums next to you,
The breath you were breathing,
The pain on your face.

I remember,
The day you were hospitalized,
The day I cried for you,
The day you promised you would not leave me.

I remember,
The cancer,
The hospital,
And the tears.

I remember,
My best friend forever,
Being treated for cancer,
The first time I ever cried out my tears.


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