i remember

i remember saying

"i'm fine" and meaning it


i remember how it felt

to feel happiness 

inside of this shattered

remnant of a soul


i remember looking

at a person and 

knowing that i loved

them unconditionally

instead of this hollow apathy


i remember what hope

was to me

and how i clung, hoping

to chances i never had


but now

all i know


all i can feel





to those who come across this,

this is my first true free verse. it means exactly what it says and it is an emotional train wreck. its not really meant to be an entertaining piece, nor was it made to a special occaision. it is just what happens when a poet opens her heart up to her audience. as always, thank you for considering this work.

-your indebted author

captain KRK

If by "train wreck" you mean the un synchronized beauty you find in the metal, shorn piece from piece to reveal the vulnerable inner workings, each so strong, yet so delicate, mere moments from being utterly destroyed by the inevitable? Then yes. Total train wreck.


wow. first of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. i am certain that you have gathered from my commentary that this is not exactly my star piece. It is probably my least favorite work. So I believe another thank is in place for taking a crazy person's rambling and turning it into something truly beautiful.

-your indebted author

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