I Remember

I remember when my family and I 

built our house seven years ago.

I remember how we lived in a camper

for five long months.

I remember how we only got three minutes 

of warm water when we took showers.

I remember when 9/11 happened

and no airplanes flew over for a week

when we were in the camper.

I remember my brother and I played in the mud

and sometimes got stuck.

I remember my brother and I played

in a giant hill of sand that was for the drain tile.

I remember when my dad tipped

his Bobcat going down a hill.

I remember that I always loved going

to the Laundry Mat to watch cable TV.

I remember that all of our items,

except for our clothes, 

were kept in a big, black semi-trailer.

I remember that every meal we ate,

was made on the grill.

I remember watching TV on a little,

tiny screen.

I remember when my brother and I 

played with Hot Wheels in the rooms with carpet.

I remember when my mom locked the camper 

with the keys inside of it.

I remember my brother and I

slept on the fold-out table.

I remember when we finished building our house

and I got the bedroom on the right in the basement.

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