I Remember

  Being born in one of the poorest countries,  The remembered day, when the ground shook on the 12th day of January, reminiscing myquestions “...why is the ground shaking”? Thus, with the inability to abstractify.Being raised in extreme conservatism there was no such thing as homework with colleagues orpeers. Recalling altered temperament of the people caterwauling “Jesus” with a mode of distressfulness and tears. I, myself came across broking legs hidden underneath cinderblocks, the needed alteration of apolice car to an ambulance. That day we slumbered in the wilderness on the rocky mountain in Delmas. The lack of cleaned water hereby caused an extreme outbreak of Cholera. The remembrance ofpilgriming from town to town. The day we slept at the lea nonetheless the big waters came we endured the misery. I, myself almost fired the tent we currently dwelled in. It came to this day when my mother made a voyage to see the miseries, the abstrusity and the agony, we withstood during those times.

This poem is about: 
My family


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